This course introduces the essential techniques in the creation of computer graphics for their use in visual effects, from idea to screen we cover the key aspects in the design and development of visual effects, this process is divided into 3 stages:

Pre Production

Begins with pre-planning and sketching an idea, scouting for a location, and capturing the footage and survey data necessary for later stages.



Modeling and texturing the asset, place it on the footage to start working on the look development and lighting of it.

The final stage in production is rendering into layers to start working in the post-production of the shot.


Post Production

We start with tracking and match-move to acquire a digital camera and lens distortion that will be applied to the CGI render to do the compositing of the live-action background and the resulting images sequences from the rendering process with several passes ( diffuse, specular, reflection, shadow, z-depth, effects, and ambient occlusion ).

The goal of this stage is to achieve seamless integration of all the elements, add optical effects for photorealistic results, and finally create the final look of the shot.


Course syllabus

Module 01

Sketching Idea
Image Capture
Survey Data ( 360 Panorama )

Module 02

Camera Tracking &
Lens Distortion

Module 03

UV mapping

Module 04

Shading and Materials
Look Development
Lighting and Render

Module 05

Plate Preparation
Paint and Rotoscoping

Module 06

Compositing AOVs
Color Grading & Optical Effects
Final Render

Topics Covered

  • Image Capture
  • Tracking & Match-move
  • Poly Modeling
  • Texturing
  • Scene setup
  • Look Development
  • Lighting Rendering
  • Multi-layer Compositing
  • Compositing Setup
  • Camera Effects


Adobe Photoshop
Autodesk Maya
The Foundry Nuke
V Ray for Nuke
Substance Painter



Manuel Llamas

Visual Effects Artist & Photographer, with 15+ years of experience working as a Digital Compositor in high-end projects for the film, animation, and advertising industries worldwide. Currently residing and working in between north America and southeast Asia.